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Open Wouxun (OWX) is a free, portable, open-source, command-line utility designed to program Wouxun dual-banders under Linux and other modern UNIX operating systems. It supports KG-UV2D, KG-UVD1P and possibly other radios that identify as KG669V (such as Navcomm TK-890, Midland TK-790, Albrecht DB-270, Dynascan DB-48 and other brands). Recently, support for KG-UVA1 (16-channel radio with different memory map) has been added.

It is written in C++ with STL and should compile cleanly on any modern UNIX operating system (including Mac OS X and Cygwin environment), but it is impossible to test every change on every UNIX system out there, so if you experience problems, please let me know.

Patches and feature suggestions are also welcome.

This page is divided into few sections:

  • Documentation - everything you want to know about this software, computer interface etc.
  • Changelog - list of changes in the code.
  • Download - tarballs and SVN info.
  • Links - various links about programming Wouxun radios under Linux.
  • Contact - contact to the author.